Hello again,

It’s been a long time since my last confession… I mean update so here is how things are progressing with Tim’s inaugural outing.

The team has expanded and we have some great sound engineers joining us to create some amazing sound effects to make Tim’s world come to life, (or death) even more.

The Industrial Zombie has been working hard refining the code so it looks “sexier”, his words not mine. Together we’ve added in the reaping function so now Tim has to take the soul of a specific enemy before he can exit the level.

Ms. Hilton has been designing some landscape items whilst developing some enemies for the later levels. Her design for Nibbles, our boss character, is amazing and is ready to be animated.

I have been beavering away on the level design which is coming together nicely, I decided rather than having five different levels per world theme we could design one big level that gradually opens up the more powers Tim obtains.

We don’t have much time left but we are cracking on regardless.

Your souls are now mine,


Development Diary December

Posted: December 5, 2010 in Development

Greetings souls!

Been a few weeks so I thought I would update the progress of our fantastic work-in-progress.

Many extra factors have caused a slight delay in scheduling so the team is a bit behind but we have a working prototype with Tim moving around, throwing his scythe, reaper vision is working etc.

We also have a teaser video up on YouTube at the following URL, copy and paste folks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzQL-dNgQ3M&feature=autofb

Not much else to add but hope you like the video, enjoy!

Your soul is ours!


Sitting here in my den, darkness consuming me, my torment apparent… and my brother comes in and turns on the light!


He started talking about how busy he’s been recently and the Halloween party he went to last weekend, like I’m interested? Yak, yak, yak, he is sooo self involved, it’s all about him.

Mum says one day I’ll understand about what it’s like for him? Why should I wait, I’m ready now! Reaping souls can’t be that difficult, stick your scythe in, pull soul out, take it to Styx and go home for tea.

Oh well, I’ll continue to brood here in the dark… well until mum calls me for dinner. She’s making boiled rabbit with banana sorbet. Not separately, mixed together? Yummy 😦


Development Wk 3-4

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Development

Hello again all,

The past few weeks have been a bit hectic but the game is progressing slowly.

We have a first draft of our design documentation which the team is all working from and signed contracts so it’s full steam ahead.

We have several key features working in our current build including Tim’s throwing scythe and now Reaper Vision.

Some big decisions have been made regarding the game and I should have more to tell you in the coming weeks.

Later on this week I shall be posting up two early screenshots, please tell us what you think in the comments below.

Your soul is ours,


Welcome one and all to the Tim Reaper Development Blog.

Every week we’ll be posting up new information on Melodrama Productions brand new game The Adventures of Tim Reaper – Coming 2011

Well where to begin, first off I’ll introduce you to the development team:

Jonathan Melmore – Executive Producer, Lead Designer and generally all round awesome guy,

Graham Thomson – Lead Programmer, he likes numbers and logic,

Charlotte Hilton – Character Artist, a fan of mustaches and tassels,

Jennifer Melmore – Artist, feline like couch hogger,

Clinton Allman – Music & Sound Engineer, he’s a lover and a fighter,

For the first week we have been focusing on organising the development, during this Graham decided to get to work on the engine and has already started prototyping with some lovely results. Clinton has been working with his band on writing a title song for the game, Tim is a bit of an emo/punk fan so that is what we’re going for. Charlotte has been coming up with some enemy designs various humans and woodland creatures, hopefully we’ll be able to put some up within the next few weeks.

I am currently arranging a focus group which we should have a video for on next week’s update and putting together the pre-production document. We almost have a complete picture on what this game is going to be and hopefully the initial design will be finalised by next week.

Anyway, this is our initial design for Tim, tell us what you think in the comments below.

Your soul is ours,



Our hero, *swoon*